Hassle-free management (with no voids)

As a landlord, you know the impact that an empty property has on you rental income. In fact the majority of landlords fail to plan for tenancy voids when assessing the profitability of their rental property (or portfolio) investment. On average, it takes 20 working days to replace a tenant. Research has shown that this void period costs landlords on average £500 every 18 months.

If your void period happens to be more than just the regular change of tenancy, then this loss of income can increase dramatically and may greatly affect your bottom line.

We work with landlords to offer a solution to lost income caused by voids. We offer landlords the opportunity to let their rental property to us on a long-term, fixed-rent basis. As your tenant we take care of the property and the associated costs during the rental term (typically 3-5 years). We may even decorate the property if needed. So you the landlord receives a fixed (or guaranteed) rent every month during the rental term.

We then use your property in either of two ways:

  • Short-term lets: providing serviced accommodation to our corporate clients who are looking for that home from home experience while on a short visit.
  • Professional house-share: providing accommodation to busy professionals who need a comfortable place to call home without the care of bills and cleaning.

Not every property is suitable to our needs. We carefully assess each property before deciding to move ahead, as we have a high standard to maintain. We would, however, be happy to discuss further with you should this be something of interest to you.

Get in touch and let’s see how we can work together.